Lucidao—Bringing Real-World Assets to the Blockchain

○ UI Design
○ Component Library Management

Client: Lucidao
Year: 2023
Role: Graduate Digital Designer
Agency: Love + Money
Visit: lucidao.com︎︎︎

Lucidao is a decentralised platform linking users to real-life products and services through blockchain technology. They operate as an autonomous organisation that gives their community members governance and decision-making rights.

On approval of the creative direction, we kicked off our web sprint with wireframes to ensure alignment on content and functionality. However, as crypto is so often poorly explained, it leads to confusion and ironically creates mistrust.

And, as the governance protocol behind Altr, we aimed to intricately weave the visual identity with the crypto-experience that Altr offers.

So, our main challenge was to intelligibly convey Lucidao's vision for the future for both first and second time users. Through iterations, we designed a supergraphic and dynamic experience to demonstrate the benefits of transparency and the potential to reimagine everyday services.


A community-driven platform that simplifies complexities of Web 3.0 technologies and empowers their users to actively contribute to Lucidao’s protocols. 


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