Managing and Evolving Love + Money’s Design System

○ Design Systems
○ Internal Process Improvements

Year: 2023
Role: Graduate Digital Designer
Agency: Love + Money
Visit: loveandmoney.agency︎︎︎

Love + Money's design system, based on the logic of Atomic Design, is built for efficient and scalable product development and consistent use across diverse skill sets. I assumed a core role in managing and evolving the internal design system, ensuring consistent component quality across digital products, and contributing to process improvements through cross-functional initiatives.

Working within an agency with dynamically evolving product offerings and user needs, we had to make sure our design system was constantly updated. This covers everything from how we prepare our working environment and our processes—a system of systems.

This led us to some notable improvements:

  • Bit-by-bit improvement of our Figma-native design system library, such as: Asana integration that maps product development from idea to launch, and foundational design token integration.

  • Development of internal and community educational guidelines, along with an internal presentation library of branded templates, functional components and prototypes for greater efficiency in presentation making. 

  • New and optimised social content processes that led to a 20% follower growth in eight months. From which I managed the creation and rollout of internal and project-based content

Key Learnings

I've learned that solutions are always in beta—we dedicated a lot of energy improving our design system for different teams with different (and ever-evolving) priorities. My time at Love + Money provided me invaluable opportunities to further my knowledge on design systems and to truly collaborate cross-functionally to make meaningful contributions across various aspects of their products and processes. 


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